World's most realistic virtual pup!

An "out of the screen" digital pup that plays with you in your living room, in your front yard, and on your office table! This realistic looking canine bundle of energy dances to your music, rolls when you say 'roll' and sniffs for food when hungry.

Finger swipes, hand gestures and voice commands like 'stand', 'sit', 'come', etc interact with Woofie not only bringing a smile to your face but also making your new puppy friend happy.

"Go live!" - Get the pup out of the doghouse

Click "Go live!" and play with the worlds most realistic virtual pup.

2.Point at Woofie's favorite spot
3.Follow onscreen instructions
4.Start playing

Woofie's favorite spots: Carpets, floors, tables, play surfaces with objects and other messy areas.

Interactions - Play and cheer Woofie up.

The game offers several ways to interact with Woofie.

How to..?
1. Finger swipes - Shake hands with Woofie.
2. Feed Woofie.
3. Woofie obeys your voice commands
     'sit', 'stand', 'roll', 'come', 'go', 'jump', 'shake'
4. Woofie dances to your music.

Emotions - Woofie wants to be happy. It's all in your hands!

Woofie, like a real pup, has different emotions and moods. Your gameplay's objective should be to keep Woofie happy & cheerful.

1. Happy
2. Hungry
3. Angry
4. Depressed